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Manchester’s ParkVia’s Happy Customers Drive Over Half A Million Reviews

ParkVia's happy customers drive 500,000 reviews.

Manchester-based airport parking retailer, ParkVia, has hit a significant milestone within its business after recording over 500,000 positive reviews from its happy customers.

With a global platform dedicated to satisfying consumer appetite for a more personalised approach to the digital travel experience, ParkVia has utilised its position as an aggregator to successfully grow its online review forum alongside its international network.

Clocking up over half a million appraisals from customers across the globe, ParkVia’s philosophy centres around freedom of choice for its 10m website visitors, with reviews playing a pivotal role in not only assisting customers with purchasing decisions, but also aiding the team in identifying areas of growth and opportunity.

Ben Fox, Head of Marketing at ParkVia, said:

“As a fast-growing online business, customer feedback holds great value within our business, helping us to actively assess users’ booking experiences across our extensive network and supporting new and existing customers with their future travel plans.

“We see the wealth of insight provided by our reviews database as being a strategic asset. Not only do we use this extensive dataset to enhance our own business, but we also mine this significant dataset to support our strategic partners.”

In addition to its own platform, ParkVia has also amassed over 20,000 4 and 5-star ratings on independent consumer review site, Trustpilot.

To further qualify its position as Europe’s number one airport parking partner, ParkVia  was recently nominated in the British Travel Awards for Best Airport Provider, which is voted for by customers.