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Merseyside dairy sees booming demand for glass bottled milk

Milkmen at Mortons Dairies, which has seven depots across Liverpool, Chester and on the Wirral are reporting booming orders in 2018.

Hipsters digging the retro vibe of having a milkman is one reason but BBC’s Blue Planet II is cited as the key reason after it aired harrowing scenes of sea creatures struggling to survive amongst discarded plastic bottles.

Mortons Dairies has delivered milk in glass bottles in Liverpool for nearly 100 years.

It has more than 140,000 glass bottles in circulation and delivers more than 27,000 pints of milk from seven depots across Liverpool, Chester and Wirral on a fleet of around 100 electric milk floats daily.

The family-owned business is now one of the UK’s largest privately owned dairies, with more than 50,000 customers and 200 staff.

Julian Harrison, managing director of Mortons Dairies, said:

“We have seen a massive increase in orders from new customers who are specifically requesting glass bottles. I think people are hearing and seeing the impact plastic pollution has on our environment and are deciding to do whatever they can about it.

“We have delivered glass milk to the doorstep for nearly 100 years, so if people want to do their bit for the environment by getting milk in glass we are happy to provide it. People can play a small but significant role in saving the planet one pint at time.

“The fact that milkmen like us deliver their milk from electric floats only increases the environmentally friendly impact customers are making. We are delighted to see so many new customers signing up, especially young people and families who have never had a milkman before.”

As well as domestic customers Mortons Dairies also supplies milk to large corporates and SMEs as well as Liverpool Football Club and the NHS.

The dairy has launched a successful ‘Pints for the Planet’ campaign which gives people in Liverpool, Chester and on the Wirral, particularly those who have never had a milkman before, the chance to try a free pint of fresh milk in a bid to switch them from plastic to glass.