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Leeds agency joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme

Leeds agency joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme

Leeds-based Creative Marketing Services has joined a network of like-minded organisations promoting the regional economy as part of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme.

The agency has signed up to a joint effort to proactively highlight and publicise Northern successes in support of the government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative. Partners are committed to advocating the strengths of the North, as well as new and exciting developments, in various key areas including connectivity and transport, quality of life, culture, skills, science, innovation and devolution.

Creative Marketing Services managing director, Andy Batty, said:

“Having operated in the North for 36 years, Creative Marketing Services is a firm believer in the region’s economic potential. We wholeheartedly support this combined effort by government and business to realise that potential. It is important promote and celebrate major projects in the North which really help to demonstrate the tangible growth of the Northern economy. The programme’s network of partners covers different institutions, businesses and sectors – Creative Marketing Services are proud to represent the region’s creative sector as one of its longest-established marketing agencies. We have experienced substantial growth in recent years and our staff has more than doubled since 2014 – much of this is down to new clients secured within this region, so we are very positive about the future of business and industry in the North.”

The Northern Powerhouse forms part of the government’s industrial strategy. Its core aims include modern transport links, a new style of governance and increased investment. The initiative seeks to bring together cities, towns and rural communities of the North of England and Wales to become a powerhouse for the UK economy.