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National Accident Helpline Launches 2020 Campaign “Claims Across the Nation”


The National Accident Helpline has launched a brand-new campaign in 2020, entitled “Claims Across the Nation”. Short ads have been released by the company, showing how they can help those who have suffered an accident, get the help they deserve.

Here, we’ll look at this new campaign and what it aims to achieve.

What is the new Claims Across the Nation campaign?

The new Claims Across the Nation campaign, focuses on the legacy of the National Accident Helpline. It launched on New Year’s Day and showcases the everyday people who use its services.

The campaign follows on from the 2017 “When it’s wrong, make it right” campaign. Different locations throughout the UK are shown with CGI orbs rising from properties. These are used to represent the calls being received by the company. Tiny snippets of conversations and people within their homes are shown to highlight some of the conversations the brand has with consumers.

As the National Helpline team say they can help, the orbs change from red to teal. This is where the reference to their previous campaign comes from. It recognises the shift from wrong to right.

The campaign has been developed by Corner London. They worked alongside Cole Paviour, a director, and the production company known as Unit 9. The ads run from just 10 to 30 seconds each and they’ll be running all throughout January. Their media strategy was created by Manchester-based company, Carat Manchester.

What is it aiming to achieve?

The Claims Across the Nation campaign is aiming to champion those who have been injured in an accident. It follows the emotional journey they go through, particularly when it comes to making that first phone call.

It also aims to show how a personalised and compassionate service help set the brand apart from other personal injury firms. They care about their customers and they are hoping to encourage more victims to come forward and get the justice and compensation they deserve.

As part of their commitment to helping people, the brand offers no win no fee solicitors. This means, if the case isn’t won in court, the victim won’t have to pay a penny.

Following on from the success of the Make it Right campaign

This new campaign follows on from the success of the firms ongoing “Make it Right” campaign. This focuses on highlighting the emotional, as well as the physical issues a personal injury can have on a victim.

The brand even teamed up with TV GP, Dr Hilary Jones. They carried out a comprehensive study as part of the campaign to reveal more about the mental and emotional distress an accident can cause.

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t you fault, you deserve justice and compensation. This new campaign shows that help is available and you don’t have to suffer alone.

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