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Northern tech investment will support Midlands growth of recruitment firm

Multi-vertical agency The Recruitment Crowd (TRC) has invested in a new marketing automation platform from Force24, to fuel the company’s next chapter of growth.

With sites in Leeds and Manchester, TRC is gearing up to open its third office in Birmingham, in October, and will utilise the marketing technology to help generate a pool of clients and candidates in the Midlands area. In the last three months alone, use of the platform has led to candidate uplift of more than 15% and contributed greatly to the securing of major new clients. The goal is therefore to expand the business by adding additional 20 consultants across the 3 offices, over the coming year.

As specialists in the often-complex fields of IT, engineering, construction, fire protection and healthcare – to name just a few – TRC is no stranger to using digital marketing to fuel its talent pipeline. MailChimp was in place before Force24 but whilst open rates appeared satisfactory on the face of it, further data interrogation showed a poor contribution to the agency’s business objectives, and therefore their bottom line.

CEO Luke Fowler subsequently prioritised budget for new martech, and the search brought his team to Force24.

Commenting on the platform investment he said: “I was very impressed with the knowledge, passion and technological capabilities of this Leeds-headquartered company.

“They took time to understand our business, and the potential for their bespoke solution to support our growth was extremely evident. Their grasp of GDPR compliance also gave us complete confidence that our ongoing marketing efforts could continue successfully, and ethically.”

Whilst initially embracing the strategic email marketing elements of Force24, the TRC team will soon be moving on to the creation of campaign-specific microsites that they can bring to life themselves in as little as 10 minutes. Force24’s own marketing experts will be on hand to assist with this – or any other elements of delivery including free ongoing and refresher training – as required.

“Whilst many organisations may invest in a system like this to support one strand of their business activity I see Force24 becoming the integrated communications backbone of company-wide daily life,” concluded Luke.

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