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Over 66% of small businesses are still not prepared for GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulations will come into effect on 25th May 2018 – but a survey of small businesses across the UK revealed that less than 34% of respondents were ready for the changes.

The survey, run by instantprint, gave insight into the broad range of queries and general lack of understanding over 1300 small business owners feel they have about GDPR.

Small businesses are feeling the pinch when it comes to the GDPR requirements. Communicating the changes in privacy policies and marketing communications to existing customers is looking to be an expensive task: 40% of small businesses will need to reprint their marketing materials to be compliant. It will cost the average small business £2207.50 for the reproduction of marketing materials.

The March survey illustrated that email is the preferred marketing method amongst SMB’s with 61% of businesses currently utilising it. On average 60% of small businesses use flyer distribution whilst 40% make use of direct mail. Those businesses currently using direct mail and flyer distribution claim it to be 50% effective for achieving their marketing goals. With 73% of SMB’s yet to write to customers and prospects requesting explicit consent, instantprint predict a shift from SMB’s using email marketing to direct mail and flyer distribution once GDPR’s tighter restrictions take effect.

Small businesses have ranked the benefits of using direct mail and flyer distribution. Increasing product and brand awareness were named the as the two key benefits for using the marketing method.

Here’s what two respondents had to say about using direct mail to boost their small business:

“In a world where everything comes and goes from your inbox direct mail is far more effective.” – Paul Webb, Foundation Multimedia.

“Direct mail, when included with a customer’s order, helps them to remember your business and come back to you again when ready – it helps if the direct mail looks great so they add it to their fridges or notice boards.” O Constantine, Various.

Instantprint’s Director, James Kinsella, said of these survey findings:

“The survey we have conducted indicates that more small businesses are going to use direct mail and flyer distribution in a post-GDPR world, as a team we have to continue to develop ways to empower those SMEs to use these methods to their advantage.

As the survey suggests, the introduction of the new GDPR legislation is going to have unavoidable financial implications on small businesses. Despite this GDPR does provide opportunities, compliancy will highlight your business’ trustworthy and ethical practices when it comes to marketing communications and the handling of personal data. Compliancy, is going to reinforce and strengthen your credibility with not only your customers but also suppliers and partners.”

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