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People in Pudsey Conservation Area need to be aware special planning rules

John Howe

People living within the Pudsey Conservation Area should be aware of special rules that apply if they want to make external changes to their homes, according to local law firm John Howe & Co.

Conservation area status gives broader protection to an area than listing a particular building – all features within a conservation area, whether listed or no, are recognised as part of its character.

There are no standard specifications for a conservation area; they may include historic parts of the town or village, have an important industrial past or cover an historic park.

There are more than 8,000 conservation areas in England, with 59 in the Bradford District and 79 in the Leeds District.

The significance of a property being situated within a conservation area is that the local authority has additional control over matters such as:

  • Demolition of a building
  • Minor developments including certain types of cladding, dormer windows and satellite dishes that are visible from the street
  • Cutting down a tree.

John Howe, partner at John Howe & Co said: “When purchasing a property, a local search will reveal whether it is within a conservation area.

“It is easy to fall foul of the planning laws and make a costly mistake. It is certainly not a given that retrospective planning will be granted as the couple who painted their cream house lilac discovered.

“Taking legal advice and ensuring any necessary permission is sought and approved could save time, money and stress.”