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People of the North: Rob Paterson, CEO of Best Western GB

People of the North: Rob Paterson, CEO of Best Western GB
Rob Paterson, CEO of Best Western GB

Rob Paterson has been at Best Western GB for two years and has spent his entire career working in the hospitality industry.

We caught up with Rob to find out more about his career so far, and the goals and future challenges of his work at Best Western GB.

What was the inspiration for the business current path you are on?

I entered the hospitality industry after an attempt at a sporting career, but due to an injury I had to call it a day. I was encouraged to study during my time pursuing my sporting dreams and chose to learn more about hospitality and tourism. Subsequently, I’m still here today.

I have worked for many inspirational leaders throughout my career and have taken information and motivation from each of them to shape my own leadership style.

Is there one piece of advice you wish you’d been given before you started at Best Western?

“Your own time is the most valuable asset you have to protect.”

Being able to take time to compose yourself for a meeting, time to continue to learn, time to be productive, time to rest and recover is extremely important. It is all about prioritising and organising your time appropriately.

My tendency was to say yes to everything and everyone, but I have learnt to really sit back and consider what the priorities are.

The one most important thing you’ve learned during the experience at Best Western?

I have learnt to forge strong relationships built on trust and to let go of relationships where there isn’t a mutual respect.

 What do you see as your future business challenges?

We are in the process of changing the organisation’s corporate structure which has stood in place since 1967. There is a good appetite for change in our organisation, so we must execute this in an honourable manner, which maintains the fabric of the organisation’s DNA.We are, and always will be, by hotelier, for hotelier.

What would you like to leave as your business legacy?

I simply want to leave the business in a better place than when I joined. The change to corporate structure will allow greater commercial flexibility and open opportunities that don’t exist today. I believe changing the corporate structure to be a fundamental development in the organisation’s history and in providing a platform for significant growth for many years to come.

What is your biggest business achievement / success so far?

I am very proud of the relationships the business has forged over the last 2 years – we have excellent alignment as an executive team with our Board of Directors.

We have established lasting relationships in the hotel investor community, which is currently fuelling our ambitious growth targets. These relationships compliment the bonds that our hotels have within their local markets.

We are a collection of independent hoteliers, and in many caseswe areextremely active in our local markets and are pillars of the community.

When you are not working, what do you do to relax?

I am a sport fanatic.

First and foremost – Australia Football – but I have grown especially fond of the English Premier League and European football.

I also love food – whether sampling a new local brunch or travelling somewhere to experience a Michelin Star restaurant, I enjoy all food experiences.

What is your biggest achievement outside of business?

I am very proud to have travelled the world and have lived in so many amazing countries.

Most recently, I became a British Citizen, and this was a very special occasion for me personally.

What would you be doing if you weren’t CEO at Best Western UK?

Running another business most likely. Once my working life reaches its conclusion, I would very much like to live a simple life by the beach,enjoying simple food, good wine and long walks. For now, I have far too much to do so that will have to be reserved for holidays right now.

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