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Print supplies specialist celebrates record 30% rise in sales driven by export success and new product development

James Gardiner, owner and managing director of Gardiner Colours

West Yorkshire-based Gardiner Colours, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of specialist sealers, varnishes and press chemistry products used by printers and distributors, has marked a record start to the year with turnover increasing by 30% in the first six months of 2019 as it expanded into another six countries.

Over the last four years, owner and managing director James Gardiner, has actively targeted new territories for the company’s products with exports subsequently growing from 5% to 40% of sales.

Having established relationships with sales agents, distributors and dealers in 16 countries, the company’s biggest markets are now in the UAE, Germany, Spain and France. In the last two months alone, it has started to export to New Zealand, Bulgaria, Kenya and Brazil and is currently targeting South Africa and India.

Last year, Gardiner Colours launched a portfolio of new press room chemistry products which includes fount solutions, blanket and roller washes, plate care products, speciality chemicals and pre-press chemicals.

James Gardiner comments: “We are very fortunate to have found a niche in the market. While many large ink suppliers purely focus on process four colour inks, we specialise in supplying the other press room consumables and our customers have come to rely on our quality and consistency.

“We’ve also benefitted from the fact that lots of competitors overseas tend to focus on a core product whereas we accommodate all printing needs and are able to supply a full range of sealers, varnishes, metallic and fluorescent inks as well as press chemistry products including founts and washes.”

He continues: “As an independent, privately owned company, we’ve proved able to be more flexible, for example, as we keep most products in stock we are able to turn around orders quickly with swift delivery. By filling containers with a mix of our products, we can cost-effectively deliver globally.

“There’s no doubt that our ability to offer a complete portfolio of pre-press and press room products, supported by a competitive price due to the devaluation of sterling, is making us an attractive option for printers and distributors worldwide.”

Established in 1981, Gardiner Colours has a 22,000 sq ft manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Normanton as well as an experienced 22-strong team.

The company’s technical expertise includes developing products to maximise performance of the latest high speed printing presses.