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Recruitment specialist Nano Search & Selection to move into UK energy storage sector

Luke Wigfield

Nano Search & Selection, a specialist recruitment company, is preparing to expand into its home UK market to support the developing green economy.

Since launching 12 months ago, the company, based on The Wirral, Merseyside, has operated exclusively in the world-leading US energy storage sector.

It has developed a strong reputation for providing technical recruitment solutions in the utility-scale battery storage industry, which is flourishing due to falling component costs and a need for greater grid flexibility.

The company works with major names in large scale battery technology to identify key contributors and leaders in research, development, and applications, including such roles as engineers, electro chemists, project managers and technicians.

Buoyed by its experience in North America, Nano Search & Selection is now preparing to mark its first anniversary by expanding into the UK market.

The business is led by principal consultant Luke Wigfield, who established Nano Search & Selection in 2019 following investment from industry expert Gary Dewhurst. He has more than six years’ experience of specialist recruitment, previously operating in European green and electrification technologies, including the automotive sector.

Luke said: “I want to mark Nano’s successful first 12 months by using our considerable industry knowledge and expertise to support the UK’s ongoing transition towards a green economy.

“Renewable energy made up almost half of Britain’s electricity generation in the first three months of this year and large-scale battery storage stations will play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of its electricity network.

“The government has already announced a relaxation of planning rules making it easier to construct large batteries to store renewable energy from an increasing number of solar and wind farms, allowing renewable power to be released to the grid at periods of high demand.

“As well as the urgent need to reverse the effects of global warming, there are also strong economic arguments in developing a green economy.

For business in the UK to take full advantage of those opportunities and to be at the forefront of the global shift to a low carbon, sustainable future, it must be able to identify, attract and retain the best talent available.

“Nano has a reputation for its expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market and the technology involved and we look forward to contributing to a greener and more efficient UK.”

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