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Renowned retailer Psyche presents Children’s Wardrobe

Multi award winning retailer Psyche has launched a new website dedicated to the very best in designer children’s wear. Named Children’s Wardrobe, the new site is the brainchild of Alex Thomas and Steve Cochrane MBE.

The pair run the online department store Psyche which specialises in designer men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Recently, children’s clothing has seen an increase in popularity in the UK with Psyche experiencing an impressive 10% year-on-year growth.

Alex said: “Due to the vast size of the current Psyche website, it became increasingly difficult to shop in this crowded space for the modern parent.

“Children’s Wardrobe was born so that it could be grown independently from the main Psyche product with a focus and passion on all things junior.” Children’s Wardrobe has been launched on a brand-new superfast AERO technology designed to be extremely easy to navigate for busy parents.

Categories on the website include everything from new-born gifts to technical outerwear and the enthusiastic buying team have scoured the globe to bring together brands such as Moncler, Kenzo, Paul Smith, Stone Island, CP Company, Paul and Shark, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Hugo Boss. Alex said: “Our biggest selling category is the 12-16-year-old boys, but we’ve seen children of all ages wanting to wear designer brands, so we know the demand is there.”

In the coming months, Children’s Wardrobe will be adding further brands to the already impressive roster, including D Squared and Balmain.

Alex continued: “With our passion for children’s wear now concentrated in one area we aim to be the first retailer to be able to offer this new AERO technology. We want busy parents to come onto the site and find what they want quickly and easily. “We decided to launch Children’s Wardrobe away from the Psyche brand as we wanted a totally focused children’s wear site that could be grown independently from the main Psyche product.

“It will still link up, but it now allows us to have a dedicated team focussing on children’s wear.”

Psyche began life in 1982 and has since grown to include a department store, three boutiques, a huge international website with platforms in the USA and Australia.

This newest venture was officially launched this month. Alex said: “Children’s Wardrobe is for parents who want something extra special for their children.

“Our customers like their children to be wearing something a little different and they are willing to spend a little extra for the right brands,” said Alex.

“There’s a lot of change happening in retail and in the fashion industry, as we’ve seen so far. A lot more people are spending online, and we’ve really got to embrace the pull of social media and the digital world if we want to stay on top.”