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SPE Resourcing marks its 10th year anniversary with a new arm to their service


After a decade in senior recruitment, SPE Resourcing announce SPE Connect – with a focus on middle management hires.

SPE Resourcing has been linking candidates with some of the biggest retail, hospitality, leisure and private equity-backed businesses in the country for 10 years.

Founder Daniel Cornwell has headed up much of this success, together with Simon Parsons, who was appointed to the company in 2017. Specialising in middle management recruitment, Simon’s work has now led to the launch of SPE Connect – a separate arm for Regional, Area and General Manager hires.

This follows an upward trend for the business, which has experienced significant year-on-year growth. Both Simon and Daniel regard the launch of the new business as a fitting tribute for a decade of SPE Resourcing.

“Working closely with Daniel over the past couple of years has provided a fantastic learning experience for me,” says Simon.

“It became very evident early on that there was a real opportunity for us to combine our industry knowledge, experience and networks to support our clients and candidates at the mid-market level. We combine the principles applied by a search firm with a flexible bespoke approach to recruitment solutions for our clients.”

SPE Resourcing and SPE Connect are designed to complement one another for any business looking to hire new team members to the top and mid-level of their hierarchies. Middle managers often tie into a senior hire strategy, as Daniel explains.

“The logic is simple: when we find a senior leader, we aim for them to thrive, challenge themselves, and rise in the ranks. When they do, they often come back to SPE for new recruits as they grow. We appreciated the need to be able to flex our proposition around our clients. Simon’s business reflects the fast-paced, dynamic nature of the segment of the market he sits in. We’re delighted to be able to offer an all-encompassing service to our clients through SPE Connect, and look forward to celebrating further growth.”

SPE Connect promises to adapt to a fast-moving professional world – one in which a continuing relationship pays dividends for a recruitment plan, at all levels of leadership.

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