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Specialist seating company publish children’s book to accompany new care chair for kids


Harrogate-based company, Yorkshire Care Equipment, have written and published a short story to introduce children and Occupational Therapists (OTs) to Little Lento – their new care chair specially designed to fit children and adults under 5ft 2in.

Complete with full colour illustrations, the book titled ‘The Adventures of Little Lento’ tells the heart-warming story of a chair called Little Lento and his journey supporting a little girl named Jessica as she grows up.

Tristan Hulbert, Managing Director at Yorkshire Care and Author of ‘The Adventures of Little Lento’ said:

“The idea to write a children’s book came to me quite suddenly. We’d already been developing Little Lento for about a year when it first crossed my mind one evening as something that could be a fun idea. From there, I just started writing and the story came together.”

“We’re all really pleased with the end result. The story captures how important a properly fitted care chair is. For many of the children Little Lento was developed for, their chair is where they spend most of their time. The real Little Lento might not speak or have a friendly smile, but it does provide comfort and support that can be life changing.”

Little Lento had his official launch at the OT Show on 27th November. The Yorkshire Care team exhibited this innovative new chair at the NEC in Birmingham – alongside their original Lento Care Chair which they launched back in 2017.

The concept of Lento has proved hugely successful across different healthcare settings, mainly due to the chair’s flexibility. Research by Yorkshire Care estimates that the Lento care chair will work for around 80% of the population. The seat height, width and depth can all be adjusted in seconds, without the need for any tools or extra parts.

Padraig Finn, Band 6 Physiotherapist at Yorkshire Care Equipment, said:

“The response we’ve had to Lento from OTs, relatives and the users themselves have been amazing. It’s really changed people’s quality of life, making them more comfortable and able to socialise more as well as supporting their physical healthcare needs.”

“When we spoke to paediatric OTs they highlighted the need for something like Lento that worked for children. Equipment loan stores and SEN schools were struggling with the cost and waste of bespoke care chairs that fit a child for a year or two but then couldn’t be readjusted to reuse. Little Lento will really help tackle this. It can grow with a child for many years and then be easily cleaned, resized and used again.”

The design of Little Lento has been based entirely on the Lento, it offers all the same features, just on a smaller scale. Paediatric OTs were consulted to ensure any changes were tailored to suit smaller body sizes. Options for a chest harness, ankle huggers and hip guides were added to get Little Lento ready for paediatric care.

Over several decades, Yorkshire Care Equipment established themselves as specialist seating experts. Following the launch of the ProSpec hospital chair in July 2019, Little Lento is their second own brand chair announced this year.

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