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Start ups offered data intelligence tool for free to empower marketing decisions during COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech firm Third Foundation is offering a free product – worth over £20,000 – to Coronavirus-hit enterprises and start ups to help their marketing departments track real-time data that forecasts customer demand, predicts operational risks and analyses customer engagement.

Galaxia is a GDPR-compliant, cloud-based ‘cookie-less’ data intelligence system built by the Leeds start up that can capture over 100,000 interactions per second, providing highly pressured modern-day marketers with a constant stream of AI-ready detail – that’s full and unaggregated – to make swift, critical decisions.

Arming themselves with maximum data visibility and transparency, savvy professionals can plug in Galaxia to inform, switch and adapt marketing plans to attract and retain customers. The intelligent tool also attributes the value of orders back to specific marketing channels, campaigns and pieces of content. In addition, it enables enterprises to track transactions, understand customers’ online behaviours and empowers firms to control their own consumer data – without privacy concerns.

Phill Midwinter, Third Foundation’s chief technical officer who developed Galaxia, said: “It continues to be an incredibly challenging and uncertain time for organisations – especially their marketing departments. Trying to speak to customers is almost impossible without relevant data, and during a global crisis, it’s even more difficult.

“With online activity currently at a premium – as an increasing number of people work from home – we must assist marketing departments and equip them with relevant insight to give them a true technological advantage.”

Commenting on the challenges that the industry currently faces, Phill added: “Being able to access full, unaggregated data in real-time should help highly pressurised businesses to come out of this crisis in a stronger position. Having such critical insight, during a time of need, can determine their organisation’s future.”

Galaxia is now free for the first 90 days. Third Foundation’s engineers will also help enterprises to install and set up the product on the same business day – all of which is worth more that £20,000.

There are no hidden charges for additional traffic or volume on the platform either. Businesses can also keep their data – even if they don’t continue to use Galaxia – and the team will work with organisations to align with their bespoke operational needs.