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Surge in Granny moving to the Garden

iHus sees 600% surge in sales

iHus – the Yorkshire based leaders in Granny Annexe building – is currently installing a new annexe a week and has seen a 600% increase in demand for their products over the last 12 months.

Founder, Trevor Smeaton puts the increase in demand down to two factors; the first is families who have missed their loved ones over COVID, are now exploring cost effective and practical ways to live closer together, and, the second is people seeking alternatives to care homes.

iHus Annexe’s start at £73k and are designed and manufactured here in the UK. They are fully functioning, beautifully designed homes, perfect for one or two people to live in and installed within the boundaries of another home. iHus manage the entire process from planning permission, to choosing door handles and moving granny in.

Trevor says: “If you’re missing your mum, or dad and want them closer, you can’t get much closer than the bottom of the garden! But, in all seriousness, a Granny Annexe offers a lot of families the balance they need. Their loved one gets independence – their own kitchen, front door and privacy – but, at the same time, they are close by if they need help, want company, or, in a lot of cases they are there to help too – with childcare or around the home whilst their children work – it’s the start of a new chapter in their lives.”

Many of our clients are releasing equity from their homes to finance the annexe’s and it has been seen to be a cost effective investment as properties that go on the market that have performed brilliantly

Estate agents are seeing a surge nationally in people asking for properties with annexe, there is a distinct lack of such properties but with a little vision we have a relatively fast-tracked quality turnkey solution.

iHus launched almost ten years ago when founder and builder Trevor was regrouping after the 2008/9 recession that decimated the building industry. He explains: “The industry, and my business were changed forever, so it was the ideal time to think about doing something different. I started to think about how we’re all living longer and that the current options for later life – adapting your home or going into sheltered accommodation – are not always that appealing.

“Once a family has made a decision to live closer it can take years to sell the older person’s home, find a new smaller home, have it adapted etc.

“With iHus we have a lot of clients releasing equity from their homes to then, within a few months, be able to have a new, purpose built home literally on the doorstep of their loved ones.”