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Swoon select Pikcells to create their CG content

The Pikcells team, Matt Fell (top left), Richard Benson (top right), Pete Simpson (lower left) & Jon Peake (lower right)

London Online furniture brand Swoon have partnered with Huddersfield based Content Creation Agency, Pikcells, to create CG image content for their furniture ranges.

Swoon started it’s online-only furniture mission in 2012, with an aim to create original furniture designs at fair prices. By cutting out retail stores and delivering directly to the customer they’ve surpassed expectations and are recognised as one of the 26 companies chosen by Tech City UK in 2017 for its Future Fifty program. By using their real world sales data Swoon is at the forefront of interior design, developing and introducing over 100 new on-trend products every month.

Commenting on the partnership, Pikcells co-founder Richard Benson said: “Swoon match our deep-rooted belief in good design, which we know from our CGI expertise, is the key to creating fantastic interiors. They produce some incredible furnishings which we often use in our interiors, so we’re delighted to be able to be able to play a part in their continued success.”

Future additions are to create augmented reality versions of the CG furniture enabling customers to visualise them in their homes. The project forms part of an ongoing retainer deal and is expected to increase online engagement and buying confidence by providing lots of information about the products.

“Fundamentally for us the focus is on adding tools and technologies to our website that give customers the confidence to buy online without the need for stores, and we’re really going to focus on adding the things that add value to that. Pikcells stood out amongst other suppliers because of their combined ability to create fantastic CG images while also developing innovative ways to interact with the 3D assets online” Commented Swoon Head of Visuals, Josh Rushby.

“With an increasing majority of our customers making purchases through a mobile device, adding the augmented reality functionality is an obvious next step. Being able to see a realistic, life-sized representation in the room with you is pretty impressive but also gives that assurance that the product is suitable, and consequently encourage a purchase.” added Rushby.

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