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Takeaway containers run out at wholesalers – how will the UK cope?

Takeaway containers run out at wholesalers - how will the UK cope?

Yorkshire-based Single Use Alternatives helps to fill the shortage of takeaway containers with affordable eco-friendly alternatives.

With the nation quite correctly undergoing a huge change in how we socialise, restaurants, cafes and pubs are reacting by offering food takeaway services to retain business where they can. This is a brilliant initiative, and it shows Britain’s food businesses to be adaptable and an inspiration to other businesses who might be thinking of ways forward at the moment.

But one knock-on effect of this huge boom in takeaways has been that the standard aluminium takeaway containers have been rapidly running out of stock in food trade wholesalers. Creative restaurant and cafe owners who have hit upon the food delivery as a way to keep their businesses running are left without a way to get food to willing customers.

Whilst we may be forgiven for thinking it can be put on a back-burner at a time of national crisis like this, the environment might well suffer with this excess of aluminium trays being disposed of. Aluminium foil trays are certainly much better than single use plastic, but they’re generally only recyclable if clean, and how many of us give our trays a rigorous clean before we attempt to recycle them?

In steps Yorkshire-based Single Use Alternatives. They’re a company who have already thought this issue through, and who think they may have a way to provide a good supply of much needed takeaway containers, at the same time as being kind to the environment.

Single Use Alternatives specialise in plant based compostable and ovenable trays, which are a functional and sustainable alternative to the traditional aluminium foil containers. This is a big step in taking carbon out of the environment.

“Takeaway businesses are readying themselves for what could be very busy periods. With more and more people self isolating and socially distancing themselves, a Friday night takeaway may replace a trip to the cinema or a few casual drinks.” says Adrian Balcombe, owner of Single Use Alternatives.

“With a potential increase in the amount of disposable packaging making their way into our wheelie bins, we’re offering takeaways a way to temper their environmental impact with our range of compostable takeaway boxes. AND, we’ve got a steady supply, which isn’t going to run out any time soon!”

Take a look at your container the next time you have a takeaway, and ask yourself if maybe you can do your bit for the environment AND help a local business at the same time, by pointing them in the direction of Single Use Alternatives eco friendly takeaway packaging.