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The Yorkshire Dog Food Co launches bringing superfoods to the dogs of Yorkshire & beyond

Tina Smith, Founder, Yorkshire Dog Food Co

After starting off making raw dog food for her own dogs in her kitchen, Tina Smith, founder of The Yorkshire Dog Food Co was asked by friends and locals to make her superfood enhanced food for their dogs too. Now with a dedicated production space and a great new website, she’s bringing her no-nonsense Yorkshire approach to a wider audience.

“If it’s good enough for humans, it’s good enough for dogs” is Tina’s motto, and The Yorkshire Dog Food Co concentrates on using the best ingredients, including human grade meat, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, all boosted by additional Superfoods like sweet potato, quinoa, chia seeds and Spirulina, along with a good dose of healthy vegetables and fruit.

The product is made up of 80% raw meat and bones and 20% fruit and vegetables, and is available in four flavours, Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Duck. A mixed pack allows owners to select three different flavours to ensure dogs get the variety they require to get a balanced diet.

Careful thought has been given to packaging – the product is frozen and packaged in small portions, so you can defrost exactly what you need for each meal, no matter what size your dog, minimising mess and waste and no need for defrosted raw dog food hanging around in the fridge. User simply pop the food in the freezer and defrost as required.

“Hello, I’m Tina and The Yorkshire Dog Food Co is my brainchild. Having been surrounded by the stunning scenery Yorkshire has to offer for all my life, it is hard not to feel inspired. Yorkshire is my home and it is where my dogs are happiest. From the crags and pavements to the valleys and dales, the landscape is so diverse and it’s this varied terrain that influenced our dog food range.

We began making the food in my kitchen for friends and neighbours, but it soon became clear that we would need to expand to cope with rising demand.

I’d tried numerous raw dog food brands over the years, but none of them were of the quality or as nutritious as I would have hoped. The way they were packaged also meant lots of mess and waste, which ultimately led to money being thrown down the drain. With our food, the change in my dogs was noticeable almost straight away and because they were divided into perfectly sized portions, mess and waste were minimised.

Feeding your dog a raw food diet is all about getting back to basics. Just like you, your dog needs a mixture of nutrients for proper nourishment. Raw dog food cares for your dog’s heart, joints, bones and coat – and because it’s closer to their natural diet, it gives them exactly what they need without the unnecessary additives and fillers found in most supermarket alternatives.

As born and bred Yorkshire folk, we’re honest in our approach, so you’ll get value for money as well as the very best nutrition for your dog. When it comes to raw dog food, you get what you pay for.”

The website is now live and is currently offering 50% off your first order with the code TRIAL50. The Yorkshire Dog Food Co delivers within 2 days across mainland UK.