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Tibard Limited Declares “Uniforms Shouldn’t Cost the Earth”

The Benefits of Sustainable Uniforms

Leading uniform supplier Tibard launches their first ever range of sustainable clothing offering businesses the opportunity to go green with their workwear.

The carefully curated range have been selected because of their adaptability to the length and breadth of daily work life, from hospitality to warehouse. And on top of that each item has the important sustainable credentials. This new sustainable range includes recycled materials, organic cotton and carbon neutral clothing giving organisation’s a great variety of choice when it comes to style, appearance and texture.

As we become more conscious of our effect on the world it became clear that we have to look at areas of business practice which aren’t associated with having a large environmental impact. Uniforms and workwear fall very much into that category.

With textiles being one of the leading causes of climate change and waste in the world, contributing to 20% of Europe’s emissions, its effects are felt around the world. Making small changes such as your clothing can really make a difference. For instance, it takes 87% less water and 62% less energy to make organic cotton t-shirt verses a traditional cotton one.

Tibard’s “Uniforms Shouldn’t Cost the Earth” campaign is a rallying cry to businesses around the country to look at the sustainable clothing options now available on the market. Be that the range of stock products in the Sustainable Uniforms category on their website to the utilisation of environmental fabrics such as organic cotton or recycled polyester with their Contract Manufacturing service.

Discussing the launch of the sustainable range Managing Director Ian Mitchell stated “Every business is currently looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact and we think uniform is a great way to showcase that. These sustainable fabrics and garments have not really been accessible before in a cost competitive sense so we are really excited to see where it goes.”

Heading up the campaign is Director of Digital, Daniel Childs who explains “We’ve been in business for over 40 years now and it was time we analysed the way we manufacture and supply uniforms. We firmly believe that by taking advantage of our unique sustainable range of workwear you can make a small change to your business and share your own environmental ethos with your staff and customers.”

So if your team are in need of a new wardrobe than Sustainable Uniforms from Tibard might be the way to go for you.

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