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Travel Tech Gurus Again Raise the Travel Health Bar

L to R: Clive Minihan, Graham Hewitt, Asif Aziz, Andrew Halliday and Harnek Chera.

PinPoint Travel Health, a subsidiary of Yorkshire-based company, Personalised Diagnostics Limited (PDX), has been launched by travel health gurus, Andrew Halliday and Harnek Chera.

The well-known travel health team have reunited to once again raise the travel health bar for individual travellers, travel trade intermediaries and travel clinics. Andrew is also co-founder of PDX, along with the hugely experienced and respected entrepreneur, Clive Minihan.

The newly launched PinPoint Travel Health is the latest in a suite of advanced software products from PDX and is an innovative software-driven travel health and vaccination platform that will help travellers stay healthy during their exploration of the world.

Andrew and Harnek are joined by Graham Hewitt, another former colleague. Andrew and Graham first came to prominence on the travel health scene at MASTA Travel Health, as Chief Technical Officer and Managing Director respectively, and then joined forces with Harnek to deliver the award-winning travel health service Knowmalaria®.

Finally, Asif Aziz OBE, Director of Healthcare at Boots UK until a year ago, will help the team to steer their new venture, taking travel health planning to a new level.

The tech-entrepreneurs’ new platform provides comprehensive and personalised Travel Health Briefs. These equip travellers with all of the essential information and recommendations specific to their travel destination, no matter how remote or off-the-beaten-track.

Each Travel Health Brief is a tailored assessment of the relevant health risks, personalised to the individual. Furthermore, it includes potential hazards associated with the destination or itinerary. It also lists all recommended and required vaccinations.

The data underpinning the system is aligned with the latest intelligence from relevant national bodies, ensuring that the advice provided is always up-to-date.

“The PinPoint Travel Health platform offers a precision that takes guesswork out of travel health planning. Its advanced digital mapping capabilities enable the traveller to receive detailed and accurate health advice for wherever their itinerary’s pins are to be placed on the global map and for whatever activity they are undertaking,” says Andrew Halliday.

“Nothing comparable exists for either individual travellers or travel clinics. What we are providing can truly be described as unique.”

The traveller’s plans are risk assessed, with disease prevention strategies based on geospatial mapping. Once the individual’s personal medical history has been remotely recorded, advanced algorithms check the clinical appropriateness of vaccines and antimalarials, to prevent unwanted drug interactions with existing medications.

Utilising the power of the platform saves valuable time for travel clinics offering this sort of travel health service to clients. It offers an in-depth assessment to reduce the risks of travel-related disease and infections using vaccinations or prophylaxis recommendations.

All necessary information is quick and simple to input, whether the system is being used for an individual traveller, a family or a group’s needs.

“An individual traveller, whether heading on an adventure for leisure reasons or travelling overseas on business, can use this system and rest assured that they have covered all pre-travel health bases,” adds Andrew.

“A clinic, travel agency, or online or offline travel experience or cruise holiday provider, can use PinPoint Travel Health to deliver best practice to its clients, while being assured that the treatments provided will be suited to that particular individual, family or group, travelling to that very precise and pinpointed location.”