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U+I launch ‘Worthwhile’ with a campaign by Music

Music's Worthwhile campaign for U+i

Creative branding agency, Music have launched the ‘Worthwhile’ campaign for specialist regeneration and property developer U+I.

Within the property industry, the term ‘meanwhile use’ refers to the short-term use of empty buildings before they are redeveloped. It can also foreshadow some of the uses of the final scheme creating potential confusion and problems. ‘Worthwhile’ transforms- spaces that have often been derelict for years, adding no value to their local community – into an opportunity, that helps to keep an area vibrant.

U+I are passionate about how buildings and sites are used during this early phase of regeneration, and as such have launched a campaign to outline and own their approach. Adding their own stamp of originality was key, coining the term worthwhile use, as a way to stand out from their peers and to underline their passion for adding value to the places in which they work. For U+I, these worthwhile spaces are not just a temporary nice to have, but an important value-adding part of the regeneration process.

From day one of securing a site, U+I start making use of these spaces. Inspired by conversations with people that know the place better than them, they launch initiatives, offer space to start ups and social enterprises, curate events which showcase local culture and skills, and support transformative projects, because they believe worthwhile beginnings make for worthwhile endings.

Music worked closely with the U+I team to bring their concept to life through their values of imagination, intelligence and audacity. A short film, directed and edited in house at Music outlines U+I’s unique approach and showcases how ‘Worthwhile’ is working across many U+I schemes, in Manchester, Brighton, London and beyond. The campaign by Music will be seen as an online digital campaign, in print and on the U+I YouTube channel.

Music, Creative Director, Adam Rix, said; “It was a privilege to help U+I stamp their ownership on the term ‘Worthwhile’ with trademark audacity – and to communicate their approach in a fun and unexpected way. Having worked with them on projects across the country it is clear to see that they’re fully committed to adding value to communities and creating benefits that last.”

U+i, Director, Communications, Brand & Business Services, Brenda Bates said “‘Worthwhile’ is a radical concept within the property industry, we are making positive changes to communities from the day we take ownership of a scheme. We needed a brave campaign that reflected who we are and how we are unfazed by doing something different and Music didn’t let us down. U+i need to have fresh campaigns that reflect the progressive ethos we have for property development and Music are the perfect agency to deliver this, we look forward to making a difference to communities throughout Britain.”