Home Retail Yorkshire-based male grooming brand partners with Andy’s Man Club

Yorkshire-based male grooming brand partners with Andy’s Man Club

Yorkshire-based male grooming brand partners with Andy’s Man Club

A Huddersfield-based manufacturer of male grooming products has partnered with mental health charity, Andy’s Man Club to launch its new year campaign, ‘strive for original’.

The campaign will see Thomas Michaels donate 15% of each product sold online over the next two months to the Halifax-based charity.

Founded in 2015, Thomas Michaels specialises in skincare, haircare, hairstyling and home fragrance products for males. The firm is committed to providing products that are cruelty-free and naturally scented with luxury oils.

A father-son team, Thomas Michaels approached Andy’s Man Club in 2018 after having seen the impactful work the charity conducts locally and nationally.

Andy’s Man Club was formed in early 2016 by Halifax rugby league player Luke Ambler after his brother-in-law took his own life. The group, which has now spread from Yorkshire to Lancashire, aims to raise awareness of mental health issues among young men. According to the Office for National Statistics, three quarters of all suicides in the UK are male.

Thomas Michael’s ‘strive for original’ campaign seeks to address the rising pressure among millennials to compete with one another on social media platforms. Through this campaign, the firm is hoping to encourage its customers to embrace their originality and feel confident as we enter a new year.

Commenting on the partnership, founder of Thomas Michaels, Thom Royle said:

“We have always admired the work Andy’s Man Club. Mental health is such an important subject that really needs addressing. As both a business owner and a male, I feel it is my duty to use the platform I have been given to spread the word about sharing and talking about our mental health and asking for support when we need it.

“As we begin the new year we’re hoping to do something to help a local charity doing absolutely amazing things for men nationwide. If can increase the amount of men that are aware of Andy’s Man Club’s key messages then we have fulfilled our goals.”

Andrew Greenway, Project Development at Andy’s Man Club added:

“We currently have 17 groups across the UK, allowing any man over 18 to come along and talk in a non-judgemental, peer to peer environment. All of our groups are run by volunteers and have no cost, all of the sessions rely on donations to run, so for Thomas Michaels to offer help out in this way is great.

“Also, with them offering products to men it’s a great opportunity for us to spread awareness and reach out to as many men as possible to let them know there is somewhere out there and that #ITSOKAYTOTALK.”