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Yorkshire Flood Mitigation Business Warn of Future Flooding Risk

According to a study from the Met Office, Yorkshire is heading towards more extreme weather, with a huge increase in rainfall and flash flooding due in the coming years.

The report, which will be used to inform political decisions on tackling climate change, states that there will be significant changes in rainfalls patterns across northern England and Scotland by 2100, with up to 10-35% increase in average rainfall for some parts in the winter months.

Elland-based firm, The Flood Company, which designs and installs flood mitigation products, is urging both residential and commercial property owners to look at protecting their properties from the threat of future flooding as a result of this report.

Following the Boxing Day floods in 2015, which affected over 3,500 properties in Calderdale – one of the worst-hit areas, there have been improvements across the region to improve flood responses. However, further work is required to ensure that a similar event does not cause the same devastation in years to come.

James Ruddiman, Sales Director of The Flood Company commented on the report:

“The report states that in both winter and summer months, extreme downpours will be heavier – up to 20% heavier for daily downpours and up to 40% heavier for hourly extremes. This will severely increase the risk of flash flooding and we are urging those that have properties in areas at risk of flooding to look at the options available to them to protect their premises.”

“At The Flood Company, we strive to develop cost-effective flood mitigation products to ensure minimum disruption or damage to your commercial or residential property from future flooding. We would advise those that are unsure of how at risk their property is, to have a flood survey. The report will not only identify if the property is at risk, but also how much it would be to fully secure the property with flood mitigation products”

The firm, which was established in 2011 by Managing Director, Luke Ruddiman, has secured thousands of residential properties and commercial businesses from risk of flooding including Sainsbury’s and Syngenta.