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Animmersion UK On Track To Achieve 25 Percent Increase in Turnover

Samuel Harrison, CEO of Animmersion UK

Animmersion UK is on target to achieve an increase in turnover of more than 25 percent, reflecting a growth in demand for its digital technology and immersive experiences.

One of the pioneers that helped established Middlesbrough’s digital and creative hub, Animmersion UK is expanding its work in the industrial and academic sectors and is currently collaborating with several colleges to enhance their educational capabilities.

It delivers a range of visualisation services, including animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and software development, along with hardware solutions including holograms and LED video walls.

CEO Samuel Harrison said that the scale of projects continues to increase, and the company is currently on track to achieve a turnover in excess of 25 percent.

He said: “The demand for our services and expertise is growing across multiple sectors, as our visualisations lend themselves to explaining and visualising particularly complex subjects to diverse audiences.

“We have grown strongly in each of our past two financial years, and we expect to accelerate this trajectory this financial year.”

Last year the business, which is recruiting to grow its current headcount of 21, received UKSE funding to support its continued expansion.

It has previously collaborated with major industrial clients, including Anglo American, creating a 3D interactive map of its Woodsmith Project, as well as completing a major project with Heriot Watt University in which it used immersive technology to improve the recruitment and retention of academics with disabilities.

Animmersion UK is also active within the education sector, working extensively with Skills Development Scotland and other educational bodies to develop and deploy educational software, coupled with VR hardware and innovative display technology to inspire students in STEM to help address the UK’s future skills gap across multiple sectors.

Samuel added: “The application and benefit of digital technology and immersive experiences is now recognised across industry and education. As a result, Animmersion UK is experiencing an increase in demand for its services which is reflected in our growth in recent years. This is only set to continue as new markets and opportunities present themselves.”