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Bark Street Digital Collaborates with Expert Commercial Law for the Launch of Their New Legal Website

BSD assist in launch of commercial law introducer brand

Partnering with Expert Commercial Law, a prominent commercial law solicitor introducer, Bark Street Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, has played a pivotal role in shaping and crafting the design and content of their new website.

Expert Commercial Law boasts a panel of skilled commercial law solicitors adept at addressing a spectrum of business-related cases.

The solicitors on Expert Commercial Law’s panel specialise in handling commercial disputes, encompassing issues such as breach of contract, partnership disputes, professional negligence, energy mis selling and fraud. The company’s objective revolves around furnishing comprehensive insights into legal remedies within the realm of business and commercial law, empowering parties to make well-informed decisions based on the available courses of action.

Having successfully executed the initial website design and content creation, Bark Street Digital remains dedicated to an ongoing collaboration with Expert Commercial Law, focusing on bolstering the website’s search engine optimisation (SEO), generating informative articles, and managing social media presence.

“We are excited about our partnership with Expert Commercial Law and are committed to aiding their expansion and success in the dynamic landscape of the legal industry,” stated Bark Street Digital.