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Brighouse digital agency achieves Google recognition


A digital marketing agency based in Brighouse has achieved official recognition from the world’s most used search engine.

Vizulate Digital, has been awarded Google Partner status, providing formal recognition from Google that it is competent in products including AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Scott Brant, director at Vizulate Digital, said:

“We have been Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified for some time, with increasing numbers of businesses trusting us to set up and manage their Google AdWords campaigns.

“The ongoing success of these campaigns has meant that we have now met the requirements set by Google to become a certified partner.”

He added:

“AdWords and Analytics are powerful, sophisticated, but often complicated tools. To get the most from them, you must know what you are doing, how they integrate and pass data between each other, and how to interpret that data to make strategic decisions about online campaigns.

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