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Creative Spark create the brand for the Lowry Hotel’s Lowry Lounge and Bar and River Restaurant

The new Lowry brand identity

The branding project follows an eight-figure refurbishment of one of Manchester’s most important hotels, where impromptu gigs by Lady Gaga and Take That have added to the venues iconic reputation.  Creative Spark were the obvious agency choice as the team has a 15 year working relationship with the Lowry Hotel.

The Brand identities for the River Restaurant and Lowry Bar were derived from a combination of the location of the hotel and the strong links to the Manchester Live Music scene.

Our creative territories resulted in The River Restaurant taking inspiration from the ripples of the River and The Lowry Bar from the sound waves in relation to the live music aspect of the venue. This allowed the two brands to stand alone yet still conceptually connect in graphic style.

The brands work under the Lowry core brand whilst also being recognisable when showcased on their own.

Creative Spark, Founder and Creative Director Neil Marra said: “ We love working with the team at The Lowry, there is a mutual trust that we want to create the best work for one of Manchester’s iconic hotels. We created a sophisticated colour palette and logo for both venues that reflects the Lowry Hotels parent branding but creates unique identities for both outlets. We look forward to the Lowry going from strength to strength.” Lowry Hotel’s, PE & Marketing Manager, Helen Hipkiss, said: “I have been working with the team at Creative Spark for over 15 years now, they knocked on my door at The Lowry Hotel and showed me some examples of work they had done for other venues in the city and I was immediately impressed.  Since that time they have become an extension of the marketing team at the hotel, they understand and have immersed themselves in our business throughout this period. They have joined our journey of re-branding the hotel twice and our outlets most recently The River Restaurant and Lowry Lounge and Bar.

Creative Spark work not only with me in the marketing department but our department heads, our managers and our overseas owners to make sure we get the desired product.  They make life easier for me as they are so intuitive and understanding of our business and they never stop I have had late night messages to say one of the team had used something not on brand!”