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Delivery software business appoints new Director of Engineering

Pádraig Howlin - VROMO

Software business VROMO, which has created the world’s only SaaS platform dedicated to restaurant delivery, has appointed Pádraig Howlin as Director of Engineering as the company continues its rapid growth trajectory – particularly in the US.

The appointment will support VROMO in its next phase of growth as it continues to secure significant partnership agreements with major brands in the hospitality sector.

VROMO has its global head office in Dublin and already partners with brands including Burger King, Olo, Toast and Square.

Padraig brings a wealth of experience in front-end system development and engineering to the role and is looking forward to supporting VROMO’s future growth.

He said: ““Food delivery is an exciting and dynamic space right now, and VROMO is at the heart of this with a fantastic platform dedicated to restaurant food delivery.

“I have two clear objectives in my new role with VROMO. The first is to increase the scale, functionality and features of the platform because this constant cycle of innovation is critical in underpinning why VROMO is becoming the go-to platform for restaurant delivery. The second is to manage the growing team of front-end and back-end developers.

“I joined VROMO because really like the team! I like their energy, passion and drive. I’m also full of awe at how quickly they have developed a SaaS platform that already includes the likes of Burger King, Olo, Toast as users. VROMO is on the fast track to huge growth, and I’m looking forward to not only being part of that journey but playing a key role in it.”

VROMO CEO Alan Hickey said: “We’ve already started to gain significant traction for VROMO, and everyone who has used the platform is hugely impressed with its functionality and management capabilities. Pádraig’s role will be to accelerate that momentum through the constant development of the platform and managing the growing team who are already making this happen.

“We liked Pádraig straight away, as he gets what we’re all about at VROMO and where we want to go – in terms of both our future direction for the development of the platform and how we support our delivery service partners.

“He joins at an exciting time for our fast-growing business as we add new partnerships with major brands across the US and UK.”

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