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Digital Agency launch digital experience for Greystar’s flagship development Bloom

Mobile screens of Bloom website

Leeds based branding & digital agency, Impression Studio, was appointed by property management & investment firm, Greystar, to deliver a digital experience for the flagship development Bloom, located in Nine Elms, London.

Greystar had a clear vision, strategy and their branding identity for the Bloom development. The mission was to build a riverside haven where residents have everything they need on site. Sustainability, high quality, and convenience are core to the design of the all inclusive 894 rental apartments, which are also surrounded by 14 acres of landscaped parkland.

Translating the Bloom brand into an elevated digital experience was an exciting challenge for the Impression digital agency team. Starting with the visual website design the creative team focused their attention on devising bold typography, an unconventional and energised layout that ensures the beautifully rendered 3D images are central to the site’s aesthetic. The website design reflects the desires and expectations of Bloom’s customers who seek an aspirational living experience and environment.
The UX team concentrated their attention on building a site that delivers a seamless user experience and prioritises lead generation as a primary role. With an informed customer in mind their interaction with the site should be effortless and uplifting.

In addition they were given a time frame of 10 weeks to design, build and deliver the website design project.

Head of Design of Impression Jordan Donnelly shares:
“Our creative & UX team were able to translate the Bloom brand into a digital experience that resonated with brand-savvy professionals, utilising customer-first user experience, prioritising lead-generation as the primary call-to-action. This ensures users are able to digest all the information presented and are able to easily enquire about booking a viewing.

The visual design was key to the project, focussing on large typography, unconventional grid systems and utilising bespoke illustrations to communicate the energy of the brand with a contemporary aesthetic.

The creative was brought to life with on page interactions and elegant animations to elevate the brand experience, whilst not neglecting the site performance and taking away from the user experience.”

Impression’s final website design encapsulates the essence and ethos of the Bloom development. It delivers both an elevated brand experience and places UX and CRO firmly at its core.

Impression is a digital agency well versed in website design and crafting experiences for the property sector having worked with clients that include Sanderson Weatherall, South Kensington Estates and BANDA Property.