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Eccles Co-op Coats the Homeless with Kindness

Bob Chance, Worseley Rotary Club and Rose Smith, Funeral Arranger, Co-op Eccles Funeralcare

Eccles Funeralcare is collecting coats as part of its partnership with the town’s local Rotary Club to Wrap up Greater Manchester by donating coats to the homeless.

The funeral home is working with Bob Chance from Worsley Rotary Club, a local organisation that works continuously to improve the lot of those in its community, who will distribute the array of coats just in time for winter setting in.

The home’s collection, running until 18th November, has seen over 120 coats sent in from various sources, including Pendleton Police Station in Salford, colleagues, the local public community including families we have helped in the past and PCSO Robert Howorth from Swinton police station, who has been collecting coats from other stations to help with the cause .

Julie Cocking, Funeral Director at Eccles Funeralcare, said: “Rose Smith, our funeral arranger, has been working tirelessly on this coat collection and we have supported her by asking local residents, friends, family and local services to donate. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of coats we received.”

“When it comes to the colder months we all pull on our winter coats but many of the homeless don’t have this basic garment to keep them warm and we wanted to help. We even had a homeless lady come into attend the parlour when she saw the posters and she was very happy when we were able to give her one of the coats from our collection.”

Anyone is welcome to donate their new or good quality coats at Eccles Funeralcare on 204 Church Street up until 18th November.

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