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Evolving, adapting, and adopting new technologies at Elmwood

Elmwood, the world’s most effective brand design consultancy, is embracing new ways to help its clients amplify and activate their brand’s iconicity across new channels to redefine brand experience and deepen engagement through technology, as physical products transform into interactive media.

As people engage with more content than ever before, new digital platforms and technologies are changing the dynamic and breadth through which this content can be consumed. Elmwood’s recent acquisition of Framework Creative, who specialise in the design and production of virtual brand experiences, reflects a growing need for brands to adapt to the changing ways in which their consumers engage with them, ensuring meaningful and memorable experiences wherever they are.

Elmwood, which has been headquartered in Leeds for 40 years, is a well-established global brand design consultancy helping clients and their brands grow. With technology advancing rapidly, the move into immersive, simulation experiences using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies will transform the scope to design innovative new ways for Elmwood’s clients to engage with consumers.

Elmwood-owner/vexillifer, Jonathan Sands OBE, commented: “As one of the few remaining independent global design consultancies, I am incredibly proud that Elmwood can continue to invest in its own future through targeted acquisitions.

“It has never been a more exciting time for brands and brand design to seize new opportunities to make a real connection with consumers. We are seeing a radical transformation, and all of us in the industry are having to adapt and cut through the noise. Digital is and will be at the heart of the future of the creative industry and bringing Framework Creative into Elmwood will boost our ability to create the most iconic brand experiences on the planet.”