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First of its kind technology launched to navigate UK customs

Manchester-headquartered Customs Connect launches digital business to transform the way UK importers use technology.

Customs Connect Digital Solutions has launched first of its kind technology to support businesses involved in UK import as they navigate Brexit and beyond. Its new platform, C3, uses Big Data and AI to provide businesses with real-time visibility of their customs duty costs as they get to grips with the most significant overhaul of UK customs procedures in more than 40 years.

Gavin Tucker, Director at Customs Connect Digital Solutions, said: “At Customs Connect we were always being asked how and why businesses can and should monitor their import footprint. There wasn’t a readily available solution in the market so we have invested and and developed a solution to satisfy this need with C3. This is just the first product from our associate business Customs Connect Digital Solutions.
“Clarity will be more crucial than ever in coming months in allowing businesses to act fast to solve issues and capitalise on opportunities, increasing the chances of navigating the challenges ahead with minimal upheaval and downward pressure on profit. But above all certainty brings confidence – confidence to press ahead with growth and confidence to explore the world beyond the European Union.”

The technology is already being developed for use across the world so importers can have full global visibility.

To coincide with the launch of C3, an e-book has also been published, Tackling transformation with game changing technology, with helpful FAQs and thought leader pieces on technology, Big Data and AI, to help businesses understand their import data and what it means for the business. Greater clarity will assist companies with the maintenance of business continuity and protecting revenue after Brexit.

Customs Connect Digital Solutions (CCDS) is the associate company of Customs Connect, which consults and advises businesses which import on making cost-effective changes to processes, whether minimising the cost of import duty and VAT or proactively addressing customs planning. To date, Customs Connect has saved €167m for its clients.