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From knitting through to mindfulness – B. Braun thinks outside the box with employee education


From knitting competitions to mindfulness workshops – a leading Sheffield-based healthcare company has supported its employees with a week of exciting and unusual learning opportunities.

During Learnfest Week, employees at B. Braun Medical Ltd took part in a variety of sessions aimed at championing lifelong learning and supporting personal development and productivity-improvement.

Colleagues enjoyed a daily health and wellbeing pick-me-up through ‘Daily Boost!’ including brain teaser puzzles and creative thinking.

Employees also had the opportunity to take part in mindfulness workshops, a ‘Test Yourself’ session and a ‘Drum up some music!’ fun event. Further classes focused on innovation techniques, time-management, and computer skills.

Learning & Development Advisor, Sam Fairbanks said: “This is the third time that we’ve run Learnfest and the week has been another great success.

“Every year we try to make it as diverse as we can by incorporating different aspects and ensuring there’s something for everyone.

“It’s been so much fun, at one point we even had break dancers getting people up from their desks to join in with some dancing. It’s a great way of getting people up and about and trying out something a bit different at work.

“This time around we also wanted to incorporate activities we felt were essential to not only support our employees but to help drive our business goals. For example we included a full patient pathway experience so our employees could understand all the elements that are crucial within our support of the NHS and the growing demands it faces, and held sessions by guest speakers who were able to inspire and engage on key topics for our industry.”

Hans Hux, Chairman & Group Chief Executive of B. Braun Medical Ltd, said: “We came up with Learnfest two years ago as a way of continuing B. Braun’s commitment to giving our employees the very best wellbeing and personal development opportunities that there is to offer.

“It’s an opportunity for our team to progress by learning from an array of unusual and exciting activities that they might never have experienced before and be taught by people who are highly skilled in their particular field.

“B. Braun is constantly striving to find new ways to support our employees, and help them develop, as we feel their hard work is the key to our continued success.”

This year’s B. Braun ‘Learnfest’ project was held between the 11 and 15 of June. It was inspired by Campaign for Learning, the charity behind National Learning at Work Week.

Based in Chapeltown, Sheffield, B. Braun Medical Ltd is a member of the B. Braun Group, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

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