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Glaisyers Solicitors rebrands as Glaisyers ETL

David Jones (Glaisyers ETL), John Abbott (Laytons ETL), David Marlor (Glaisyers ETL).

Glaisyers Solicitors, the Manchester and London-based firm that specialises in owner-managed businesses and their shareholders, has rebranded as Glaisyers ETL. Its new name, and its logo’s adoption of the group’s branding, reflect the firm’s integration into the international network of professional firms owned by Germany-based ETL.

The rebrand also follows Glaisyers’ acquisition of the City of London firm Laytons LLP in April 2021. Laytons, too, has today rebranded as Laytons ETL.

ETL Global is headquartered in Essen, Germany and holds controlling stakes in firms that collectively employ 17,000 people in more than 50 countries worldwide. In 2018 ETL backed a management buy-in at Glaisyers led by its current executive partner David Jones and managing partner David Marlor.

ETL, which has its UK headquarters in Bolton, has a significant presence in the UK accountancy sector. Its investment in Glaisyers represented its first foothold in the UK legal services market – a move that was complemented this year by Glaisyers’ acquisition of a majority stake in Laytons.

David Jones, executive partner at Glaisyers, said, “Becoming part of ETL Global has been game-changing for Glaisyers, and not just because of the investment we have received. We are now part of a global network of professional services firms and are instructed with increasing regularity on international matters that we would never even have thought about three years ago.

“Having now made a second legal investment on ETL’s behalf, with the acquisition of Laytons, the time felt right to reflect this in our brand name and logo. We are still Glaisyers, the proud Manchester firm with a rich history on the city’s business scene, but we are also now part of an international group, and it is important to us that our logo reflects our close partnership with the rest of the ETL network.”

The new logo was developed by ETL Global’s in-house marketing and graphic design team.

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