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Hartlepool School Children Bury Treasures At Leading Housebuilder Site

(L-R) Carol Jukes, Senior Sales Adviser, Gill Hurst, Sales Manager, Lucy Ford, Sales Adviser and Chris Foggin, Site Manager at Elwick Gardens with the Year 5 pupils from West Park Primary School

Local school children in Hartlepool have buried hand-crafted treasures in a time capsule, leaving their legacy at a leading housebuilder’s development.

Thirteen Year 5 children from West Park Primary School created beautifully designed posters which give a snapshot of their life at primary school, to be buried at Elwick Gardens, a new development by David Wilson Homes. The time capsule has been designed to be opened in 50 years time for future residents to enjoy.

The school children visited the burial site at Elwick Gardens and brought their posters with them to bury their memories in the time capsule, which is marked by a plaque for all to see. The David Wilson Homes Sales Team also snapped a photo of the development, adding to the capsule as a timestamp for the community of residents in 2072.

Ella Crang, Year 5 and 6 Teacher from West Park Primary School said: “The children really enjoyed designing posters to be buried in the time capsule and it was great that they were given the opportunity to visit the site of the burial and put their posters in the time capsule themselves. It’s a really unique activity and we’re grateful to David Wilson Homes for involving us in the local community.”

The time capsule activity comes as part of David Wilson Homes North East’s commitment to actively engage with the communities in which it builds, and the time capsule goes a long way to add character to the Elwick Gardens development.

Gill Hurst, Sales Manager at David Wilson Homes North East, said: “We’re always keen to participate in activities with the communities in which we build and having the students’ posters buried in a time capsule at Elwick Gardens adds a unique touch to the development site. The students’ designs were fantastic and it was great to have them come along for the burial of the time capsule.”