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Housebuilder helps local education workers save over £600,000 on homes across East Yorkshire

Matthew Stubbins and Dawn Carrigan-Hammond

Local housebuilder Barratt Developments, which includes Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes brands, has helped education workers across East Yorkshire save over £600,000, as they step onto, or further up, the property ladder thanks to the launch of its new Education Workers Scheme.

For those who work within nurseries, schools, colleges or universities, the Education Workers Scheme is offering a discount of up to 3% off the price of a new home, resulting in a £15,000 discount for every £500,000, worth up to £15,000.

Since its launch in February this year, the Education Workers Scheme has seen a significant success rate, helping nearly 80 education workers to purchase a new home at a reduced rate, saving each customer an average of over £7,600.

Matthew, a teacher from Driffield was one of the first to take advantage of the Education Workers Scheme, and purchased a new home with the housebuilder: “I think the scheme is a brilliant idea, as I’m now able to put the money I’ve saved to other uses, whilst also supporting the school I work in. It’s also really encouraging to see the local housebuilder support local schools and their workers within the area too, which will make a huge difference to our facilities.”

This incentive coincides with news that due to the increased cost of living, an average classroom teacher is today £40,000 worse off than they would have been had their salaries kept up with inflation over the last decade. Barratt Developments’ Education Workers Scheme is aiming to ease the financial burden of purchasing a new home, as a thank you to all of those who work within the education sector for their continued hard work, as schools resume normality post-lockdown.

Paul Hogan, Sales Director at Barratt Developments Yorkshire East, said: “Contributing to the communities in which we build is hugely important to us, and education workers are amongst those that play an integral part in such communities. With increases in the cost of living, affecting not only teachers but also parents of children who attend schools, education workers have had significant added pressures to their roles. We’re so pleased to have been able to help over 70 people purchase their new home with our discount, and we urge all those who are looking to purchase a new property whilst working within the education sector to take advantage of this scheme, as teachers lay down their tools and enjoy a much-deserved break over the summer period”