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Huler launches its Human Experience SaaS platform, the HulerHub

Huler, the UK-based work technology business, announces the launch of its new Human Experience SaaS platform, the HulerHub today.

HulerHub transforms the way businesses engage with their teams by introducing a people-centric and time-saving digital solution, coined the world’s first ‘Human Experience Platform’.

The much-anticipated flagship SaaS offering has already registered interest from global household names within the UK, USA and Canada, following an initial $7 million dollar investment. The platform feels intuitive, and offers a unique and premium experience normally associated with mainstream consumer software.

The current status quo for most businesses is to invest in more technology to engage with their dispersed workforces. But with an average employee having to access 41 systems on a monthly basis, there’s a clear decline in engagement and a rise in digital fatigue. As a result, the need for one streamlined system which brings together all of an organisation’s needs digitally, is at an all-time high.

This beautifully crafted platform offers a user interface designed to connect users to the links, software and systems they use in one engaging place. Huler saves time, which in turn helps drive business growth and profitability, whilst dramatically improving employee experience.

Nicky Hoyland, CEO of Huler, said “We’ve faced plenty of challenges over the last 12 months as leaders, forcing us to pivot and question whether our existing system architecture can adapt to change and ensure that we’re connected to our people. Above all, the pandemic forced us to rethink the importance of people-led rather than process-led technologies inside a distributed future of work.”

Nicky continues: “Huler provides a unique approach to work and personal technology, blending the two to give a fresh take to what was once old but now feels familiar, yet is still new. The average office worker wastes 21 days each year due to slow or outdated technology, which is more than most paid annual leave allowances. This demonstrates the vital need for a solution that is easy to use, is time-effective, and most importantly, won’t become obsolete. We designed HulerHub to give people what they need, when they need it, so they can focus on what matters most. Unlike all the generic interfaces out there, it provides organisations with a personalised, hybrid digital home to optimise the employee experience and save time.

This is not just another tech solution; it is the human experience we have all been longing for”.

Connecting infinite possibilities with HulerHub. Visit Huler.io to discover more.

Huler Ltd is a subsidiary of MCG (My Clever Group) whose other current UK-based technology business DBLX, has an existing portfolio of successful bespoke platforms and eLearning solutions, developed over the last seven years for the likes of Santander, Loreal and BT to name a few.

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