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ievo receives Lenel Factory Certification

Newcastle’s ievo have just announced that they’ve received Lenel factory certification and joined the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance programme. It means that ievo biometric fingerprint recognition products can now interface with the OnGuard access control system.

“ievo has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its interface to the OnGuard system. Having this interface will provide our customers with a great biometric option to enhance their security,” said John Marchioli, OAAP product management, Lenel. “We look forward to their continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Programme.”

ievo reportedly developed, designed and tested the specialized integrated fingerprint enrolment software in-house, which was then certified by Lenel engineers, verifying that it interfaces with the OnGuard access control system. The fingerprint enrolment software connects to the Lenel server for user information, as well as the ievo Sync server for enhanced management of the control boards and distribution of the fingerprint templates.

With the increasing cost and complexity of managing security, the integration is a cost-effective method for systems migration and the protection of legacy investments. The biometric fingerprint access control systems are reportedly a viable alternative to the more traditional cards and PINs systems, substantially reducing the risk of any security breaches.

“2018 has been a fantastic year for us at ievo as we expand our reach and make our products more accessible to the wider access control segment,” said Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of ievo Ltd. “The interface with the Lenel OnGuard access control system will enable an efficient and cost-saving system migration and further protection of legacy investments. The opportunity also helps to boost the presence of the ievo brand worldwide.”