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INDUSTRO Solutions back Tees Valley Mayor’s pledge to return steel-making to Teesside

left to right, Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen with INDUSTRO Solutions’ Joanne Bell and John Betts

INDUSTRO Solutions has backed the Tees Valley Mayor’s pledge to return steel-making to Teesside on a visit to its Middlesbrough premises.

Speaking to employees at INDUSTRO Solutions, a business born out of the ashes of the SSI closure, Ben Houchen confirmed his commitment to ensure Teesside can once again have an active and successful steel-making industry.

He explained to the team at the industrial fabrication company that he has been working with international steel industry experts to identify gaps in the market, the types of modern steel that can be produced and the feasibility of bringing back large-scale steel-making to Teesside.

INDUSTRO Solutions is an example of the expertise that exists on Teesside in steel related sectors. The business, which was founded three years ago, was launched by John Betts and Joanne Bell who previously worked for a company that was forced to close following the collapse of SSI.

It provides a range of specialist services including engineering design, steel fabrication and site surveys, and employs around 30 people, many of which have experience of the steel industry having worked at SSI or associated businesses.

Ben Houchen, Tees Valley Mayor said: “I’ve promised to bring steel making back to Teesside and show that we can be internationally competitive. This area has a wealth of knowledge and expertise which we can capitalise on and improve our economy by applying new techniques and innovative approaches to steel making.

“I was really pleased to meet the team at INDUSTRO Solutions, which is a great example of steel industry expertise in Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool. It is also a real phoenix story, doing what Teesside does best and not resting on its laurels, employing local people in well-paid good quality sustainable jobs in an industry we once led the world in and will do again with my plan to bring steel-making back to Teesside.”

John Betts, Managing Director of INDUSTRO Solutions said: “Bringing steel-making back to Teesside can only have a positive impact on the area and help to retain our skilled trades. This area has a strong industrial base and an entrepreneurial supply chain, which will benefit from being part of a vibrant 21st century steel industry.

“We were delighted to welcome the mayor to INDUSTRO, and we were impressed with what he had to say. Having a mayor like Ben Houchen, who consistently delivers on his pledges, is really important to getting our steel industry back.”