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Innovating Yorkshire tech company shows that Rail Matters with award win

Incremental Solutions - (l-r) Daniel Lee-Bursnall and Lewis Gill

York-based transport technology company, Incremental Solutions, has been given further industry recognition by being awarded with the “Unlocking Innovation” award at last week’s Railway Industry Association’s (RIA) annual conference.

The company, who were also awarded the Queen’s Award For Enterprise – Innovation earlier this year, attended the annual event which ‘celebrate Railway Industry Supplier Excellence’ – recognising and acknowledging the businesses who are making notable and positive changes to the multi-£billion industry.

Incremental’s award was for their OLErt system which provides real-time monitoring and analysis of overhead line equiptment, and recognises signs of deterioration or misalignment. Such predictive analysis is helping to prevent costly and delay-causing incidents which can effect the entire rail network.

Daniel Lee-Bursnall, founder and Commercial Director at Incremental Solutions said;
“As with any form of industry recognition, we’re extremely proud to receive this award. OLErt is just one example of how we’re using technology to predict and prevent rail incidents. We’re looking forward to working alongside other businesses to see how we can transform the industry.”

Incremental also feature in a new industry programme “Rail Matters” which was launched at the RIA conference.

The current affairs-style programme, introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinski, features key industry interviews and news-style reports along with sponsored editorial profiles. The programme explores the growth and economic importance of the UK rail industry by looking at key areas such as improvements and innovation – as well as looking to what the future rail network may look like.

Daniel continues;
“The UK’s entire rail network contributes an incredible £36 billion to the economy and employs around 600,000 people. Our role within this is to help the industry be a better performing network which won’t just make it more efficient, but also safer and more reliable for consumers.”

RIA’s “Rail Matters” programme can be viewed on Incremental’s website.

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