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Local Motivational Speaker Coach Provides Small Business Owners With ‘Theatre Of Dreams’

Dani Wallace at the 'Theatre Of Dreams' the home of Manchester United where she will host 2 day event Bee Inspired.

Manchester charity foundation fundraising event attracts Vodafone, Natwest, Nestle and local tech start-up V1ce as supporters.

In the face of difficult economic times and fears around a looming recession, one local business owner, renowned for her positive outlook and for inspiring others to take the same ‘I can do’ attitude, is walking the walk of her own mantra as she sets to host a sell out event at Manchester United at the end of September, showcasing small businesses from across the globe.

Proving that she is not one for retracting in times of trouble, Preston-based Dani Wallace,38, a mum of 3, known in her circle as ‘The Queen Bee’, is preparing for her biggest event to date having committed a significant investment expanding the event out to Manchester United from a much smaller club style venue in the city centre where it has run previously.

Bee Inspired, taking place on 29th and 30th September 2022, is a motivational, inspirational, entertaining event that sees 21 speakers take to the stage to ‘start conversations that matter’. All tapping into their areas of expertise, and very often their personal stories of overcoming adversity, the speakers, who have been trained by Dani over the last 6 months, have the remit of ‘giving everyone something to ponder on’ as they challenge current thought patterns, shake up the status quo and bring new ideas and concepts to life. Having taken the event from a 100 people venue to a 220+ people venue, Dani, who also uses her skills as a professional singer to keep the audience high vibe, has not only upped the stakes for her own business investing in this, but she’s also upped the stakes for those speaking, offering them a bigger platform to showcase their mission and message.

Dani said; “People in my world expect me to go large or go home and I’m not about to stop now, this is my approach to life generally. Having just bought my house of my dreams, when only a few years ago I was in an abusive relationship struggling on the breadline, alone with 2 kids and with severe mental health challenges, I now know that if I can rise after coming through all that, I can do anything. These days, ‘going large’ is the only option for me and I think those who are in my world take something from this forthright approach to life.”

Alongside the expansion of venue, Dani, has also expanded the network of businesses involved. With well known brands such as; Vodafone, Natwest, and Nestle supporting alongside local tech startup, V1ce, who’s already got clients including; Google, Emirates and McDonalds using their high tech interactive business cards, Dani has set the scene for collaboration of a new kind, purposely integrating innovative businesses of very different levels.

She said: ”This year I have gone all out to make sure we have a real mixture of people in the room, as I feel we grow more when we learn from others who are doing different things than us. The bigger businesses who are supporting the event are there to interact and provide guidance for the smaller independents, to offer direction, and share their experience – but, they are also there to learn from the entrepreneurs in the room. Individuals building businesses are hugely driven people, displaying immense resilience and also often are very good at building personal relationships. The bigger brands, who are always looking to connect more closely to their customers, are coming to learn too.”


“As the news is filling up with the cost of living crisis and looming recession, I am bringing people together to change the tone – to connect with positivity and a forward thinking outlook, to reset the mood and to re-adjust the temperate dial, as we raise people up with our collective knowledge”.

Bee Inspired events are also a huge part of Dani’s fundraising for her charitable Foundation, The Fly Anyway Foundation, which supports survivors of domestic abuse in rebuilding their lives after breaking free from abusive relationships. Having secured support from many global ambassadors, along with funding from; The National Lottery, Arnold Clarke , Lancashire County Council’s local members grant scheme and private donators for the Foundation, Dani and her team are now excited to be able to open the doors to the next round of ‘Business Builders’ – people who are ready to rebuild their lives by building a business, to create financial independence but who have gaps in their knowledge and skills. The Fly Anyway Foundation matches those in need with businesses who can support them to help facilitate their growth. Business Builders who have already been supported by the Foundation will have a stand to showcase their business, for free at Bee Inspired, as part of the support provided and they will be on hand to speak to others about their experience as applications are opened up to support more people.

Dani’s ambitious 5 year plan for The Fly Anyway Foundation, on the back of investment and funding received, will be launched at the event, giving businesses in the room the opportunity to also support further.

Tickets for the event are available for £99 + VAT for 1 day via the I am the Queen Bee website and sponsorship packages and exhibition spaces are also still available.

Dani added: “Bee Inspired events always produce lots of emotion – from both the speakers who are stepping out of their comfort zones to be vulnerable, to the audience who react in many different ways to what they hear. With talks covering marketing and business strategy, to cycle breaking and breaking free from bullying, to sustainability and success planning… the stage is set for thought provoking conversations once again, and this is what I’m here to provide, in a fun, energetic, and sometimes slightly bonkers setting, so we uplift and entertain as well as educate and inspire”.