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Not-for-profit architecture firm launches in Greater Manchester

Stockport’s largest landlord, Stockport Homes – a management organisation which looks after both Stockport’s Council’s social housing and their own property portfolio – is now offering architecture services under a new brand, DASH Architecture.

Specialising in dementia care, housing, education, leisure and community buildings, Dash Architecture are not-for-profit designers and architects who work for privately engaged commercial clients and on corporate projects alike.

Profits generated via DASH Architecture support Stockport Homes’ not-for-profit wider initiatives and activity.

Using their combined decades of experience, the team who have until now worked under the Stockport Homes name, have already transformed buildings in Greater Manchester such as Bruce Lodge Dementia Care Home, the Arthur Greenwood Centre and Rose Hill Primary School. The Dash Architecture brand was finalised earlier in the year but not progressed due to the current climate, its announcement and development is officially launching in September 2020.

Jenny Osbourne, Chair of the Board at Stockport Homes says, “We’re excited to have a new commercial offering of DASH Architecture which in turn, not only helps us transform our local communities, but also generate profits which will best serve and transform the lives of the people we serve”.

More than just so-called rent collectors, Stockport Homes is a trailblazing public sector company that strives to transform lives and any new surplus will offer tenants in their community: advice and support on health and wellbeing, finance, youth, employment and educational opportunities plus help in the home.

Nigel Crompton, Principal Architect at DASH Architecture says, “DASH Architecture adopts a person-centred approach to design, creating positive, vibrant and unique spaces for the people of Stockport and across the North West.”

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