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Pharos Offshore Creates Living Archive Legacy

Pharos Offshore Group has invested in a new contract with Living Archive that will position the leading partner of choice for specialist equipment, manpower and engineering in the subsea pipeline and cable installation industry as a strong brand in the future.

The first commercial company to use recently launched Living Archive, Pharos will be using the online platform to tell its own story from 2003 where it all started, to today. The digital exercise will create a legacy which will explain exactly what the company does and what they stand for.

Living Archive is the perfect platform to humanise a company, to store all media in one place and to curate and exhibit projects, work, partnerships and successes, demonstrating your impact. As the user, the company can decide what is public, private and what is channelled to chosen audiences.

Phil Walker, CEO of Pharos Offshore brought in Living Archive, as it is an exciting time of growth and development for the company who have subsea equipment and people working 24/7 around the globe. He said:

“We are in the process of a growth strategy and part of that is to strengthen the brand through use of what we have done and what we do. The Pharos Living Archive will tell the story from being a one-man start-up, to the large company that employs over 70 people in Blyth.

“Living Archive is an exciting way for us to create an understanding between the stakeholders, staff and customers. We can uphold our key messages and the values that underpin our company, in a way that is rarely put out there. It will display our resilience, optimism, and is a strong way to tell our story of authenticity, culture and history.”

Phil was also keen to have the founder of Living Archive working alongside Pharos on the creation of their Living Archive, referring to Nick Williams as passionate about preserving and communicating the value of an organisation. Nick, whose vision is to assist in delivering better outcomes via his platform, is bringing Pharos Offshores Living Archive to life, allowing a wide number of people to contribute, monitoring what is curated and what is stored. Nick said:

“I am delighted to be working with the Pharos Offshore team creating a strong and lasting meaning to everything that they have been doing. It is a cost-effective solution to create a permanent company archive, creating a legacy that can be added to day after day, year after year.

“They can share the full extent of their work to who needs to see it, collaborate with partners, participants, or even the local community. The platform allows for innovation and co-creation, strategically engaging where it will do the most, by organising and retrieving all forms of digital media.”

From photos, to video’s, logs, drawings, sound, documents and much more, Pharos is using Living Archive in a truly visionary way, bring a focused structure on telling the company’s story. If you are a commercial company, a charity or a community cultural organisation and want to create your own living legacy, then get in touch.