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The Power of Community – How a Community of Passion Filled Individuals Helps Drive Purpose and Reduce Stress for Entrepreneurs

In it together... on stage at Bee Inspired - Photo credit: Vicki Head

In it together…

As part of Stress Awareness Month, which this year focuses on the power of community, entrepreneurial leader Dani Wallace, Founder of the ‘I am The Queen Bee Movement’ and organiser of motivational event Bee Inspired, shares how connection helps improve her mental health and reduces her stress levels, and we also speak to some of her community who have found the same applies for them to…

Mum of three, Dani, who runs a free community, IATQB Hive, which has just been nominated for Community of the Year in the Business Success Recognition Awards said: “As we enter quarter two, stress levels increase in the entrepreneurial space as we all start to beat ourselves up about the goals we haven’t reached, the targets we haven’t met and the tasks still on our to do list. We find we often dive into self-sabotage and as a result procrastination as we turn insular and feel shame and frustration about what we’re not doing with our businesses, rather than celebrating the achievements we have. As a result, we start doubting ourselves as leaders and this can in turn create stress and anxiety. I have most definitely been there and only the other week I spoke to my audience about this in my online ‘Show Up Rise Up Wise Up Show’. Being self-aware and sharing these struggles is a huge part of being able to nip them in the bud and move past them and I’m so grateful I have a community I can do this with. I often find that I self-coach through sharing my own struggles and talking myself through them as I set out to also support others!”

Dani has built her business on community, initially growing her audience by doing Facebook lives in her car, putting her make up on and chatting away about her life before a singing gig. Then in lockdown she created her ‘fake telly show’ – The ‘Show Up Rise Up Wise Up Show’ to give herself a purpose to get out of bed at 8am every morning, for when she knew she’d be feeling low, and as a place where she could bring people together to feed off each other and support each other through stressful times.

Dani said: ”People who have strong communities are less likely to suffer from stress related illness,1 and my community has pulled me back from the brink of burnout many times, telling me to slow down, reminding me to prioritise self care, re-assuring me that I don’t need to be superhuman…

“Through my business now I have the honour of helping others through the power of community too. Earlier this month we hosted a sellout 2 day personal and business development event, in Manchester and also accessible online, Bee Inspired – described as ‘a delicious 2-day all-you-can-eat buffet to nourish your life and business.”

This event saw 22 speakers take to the stage to share their mission messages to the world, and for the audience to connect on another level through; empathising, championing, laughing, crying, dancing, singing, and strategising together.

Lisa Arterton of Lisa Arterton Therapy attended for the first-time last week and said: ”There’s nothing quite like finding your tribe, your community to give you a sense of belonging. A place full of like-minded people, who come together to unite, support, love and encourage. And I certainly found that in abundance when I attended my first ever Bee Inspired event last week. It breaks the mould when it comes to connecting, networking as well as learning. After having attended only one other networking event in my previous 4 years in business prior to Bee Inspired, I left it being told actually I couldn’t join even if I wanted to because the 2nd therapist who had also been invited to the event had decided to join – there was no place for me. I left feeling deflated, unsure where I fitted in and like business was a competitive world instead of a collaborative world. Having previously felt stressed and lonely working alone in this last 4 years, you see others working online & can’t help but sometimes put them on a pedestal. Being in the room, hearing the stories, feeling the energy, the love, the support, THE INCLUSION has helped me to massively step forward into my business already since I left the event just over a week ago! Because I realise these people are all the same as me, taking one step forward at a time.”

Dani added: “One of the reasons I believe Bee Inspired is so powerful is that many who attend have already connected by being a part of our free community – IATQB Hive. This helps create the feeling of familiarity, of alliance, of there being an existing relationship and this free space has been just as powerful in people’s journeys as the events.”

Nina Spencer, The Chaotic Mum Mentor said: “Being fairly new to the entrepreneurial space I found the internet quite overwhelming at times. But then after watching a Bee Inspired event online during early 2021, I was hooked into the IATQB so much so I ended up speaking at the very next Bee Inspired. Up until that point I had been nervous to share my story to its full potential. Having been a “mummy blogger” for over 12. Years you would think sharing my story would come easy for me but the truth is I struggled to be vulnerable with my community. But then I found a tribe I’m comfortable with being vulnerable with. I have shared so much with this community that I’ve never shared with friends even. It really helps when going through stressful times having a community like that at your back.“

Louisa Herridge, Founder of Mamas Ignited said: “As a solo entrepreneur having a strong community within the Hive has been a huge part of my transition from schoolteacher to leading my own coaching business Mamas Ignited. There has been a lot of stress in terms of starting up, scaling and at times feeling like I should pack it all in. Having such a strong community keeps me grounded as there is always someone there to offer advice, to inspire me or to just send a comforting word. I am a positive psychology coach and the pillar ‘Meaning’ talks about the human need for belonging. I have found my ‘belonging’ with the IATQB community. When I attend live events like Bee Inspired I see it as my STAFFROOM! But unlike the negative vibes in teaching staterooms this one is filled with likeminded people who make no apologies for wanting to be more, do more and have more and the stresses, highs and lows of business can be shared and celebrated together.“

Dani added: “If you’re an entrepreneur feeling like business is an uphill struggle I whole heartedly encourage you to find a community you connect with because business can be a damn lonely place if you let it. It’s so easy to feel you are the only one feeling the frustrations you are feeling but you’re 100% never the only one. There’s no need for this to be the way – like-minded people help like-minded people rise up and then we all win together.”

Dani’s Top 5 Tips on Finding Your People:

1. Follow others you have a strong connection with and see where they lead you – If you’ve found people you really connect with, you have the same values, you gel, you respect each other then it’s likely if you like them, you’ll like their people too – see where they hang out and build your network this way

2. Seek out networks who talk your talk – if you like to be surrounded by others who love personal development search for groups which focus on this – if your passion is all things health and wellbeing maybe niche down to a more specific community who you have more in common with

3. Likewise don’t box yourself in. There are super niche communities out there and these can be really valuable for subject specific learning, networking, or campaigning but remember you are a multi-faceted human being with many layers and needs and be prepared to be open to wider communities to broaden your horizons too

4. See if you like the cut of their jib. Language is a key indicator for me if I’ll like someone or not. If they speak my language I’m all in – if I don’t connect with them based on their words and phrases this can be my sign to keep on walking

5. Remember you are not a tree you can move! If you find you’ve outgrown the communities, you are in there’s nothing stopping you uprooting and moving on. So often we stay put in places that no longer suit us and this can lead to us staying stuck in our business. Don’t be scared of change, embrace the excitement of it!

Dani’s free community can be found via Facebook – TheIATQBHive

The next Bee Inspired event will take place on 29/30th September in Manchester, and online – tickets can be bought via Dani’s website and as part of this funds are raised for Dani’s Foundation, The Fly Anyway Foundation, which supports those who have suffered from domestic abuse to create business to create financial independence.