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£3.73m deal lighting up the month for Durham-based broker and bank

Commercial Expert's Dan and Abigail. Dan lead on this complex case.

As fireworks light up the November sky, it’s safe to say that Commercial Expert Ltd, an independent, whole-of-market business loan broker, have started their month with a bang having completed a £3.73m deal.

This case is one to be proud of for a number of reasons, not only the significant amount raised. First and foremost, a clever and economic solution was sourced – perfectly reflecting what Commercial Expert is all about.

Secondly, the deal is one helping to put the North East on the map, as Commercial Expert’s County Durham based team secured the loan with Atom bank, also based in County Durham. Atom is a growing digital bank, making what is widely considered a positive change in UK banking.

Finally, the case was introduced by Breadalbane Finance and provides further proof of the benefits of Commercial Expert’s powerful partnership with this broker – one that they’ve focused on strengthening this year.

The client receiving the £3.73m funds approached Commercial Expert with a complex set of circumstances, and so they’re delighted to now be able to embark on their planned property investment and development projects. They have particularly praised Commercial Expert’s Dan Brown, who handled the case, and all of their team on the supportive nature of our client service.

Dan says “The key to any successful application for finance is the quality of the data and how the data it is presented. This client provided superb, quick information which meant we were able to deliver a full insight into our chosen lender, making our job and the lender’s job easier. I am proud to have been able to provide a quality service, further demonstrating our ability, skill and care for clients.”