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£500k Investment for Total Recycling Services

Waste management company Total Recycling Services has invested over £500k into bespoke vehicles and equipment to meet the service demand expected throughout 2018.

Since 2009 the company has invested over £5.5m into its site equipment, which services large-scale manufacturers across the UK.

The most recent investment was in response to the rapid growth of the company’s industrial cleaning services division which was introduced in early 2017 and has seen the area of the business grow from three personnel to over 15 staff spread across five teams.

Andy Dobson, Operations Director at Total Recycling Services, said: “We have seen a very prosperous period for Total over the last 12 months and we were looking to invest into our equipment and vehicle fleet in order to continue our growth.

“So far, we have acquired two new 30,000 litre tankers which will go toward supporting our industrial services division, a roll on roll off truck with a further three units and we have also got our hands on what’s known as a glass imploder.

“The glass imploder cost us around £60,000 and will allow us to take waste glass from our clients and turn it into a clean granulated glass which can then be recycled into any number of products. This had been going through a commissioning period in 2017 and is now fully in use.

“We have also bought three new tractor units which can pull either a tanker or articulated trailer. We’ve also bought chemical tankers which will help us to reduce our carbon footprint in transporting waste and allows our customers to save money too.

“It’s been pure demand that has meant we’ve had to invest so heavily into new vehicles and they constantly in use.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Total’s plans for 2018. The organisation is looking to add to their investment into equipment by acquiring more vehicles later in the year and developing a new weighbridge on site as well as continuing to look at a potential acquisition before the end of the year and implement new technology systems.

Andy said: “We’re currently still on the hunt for an acquisition and we would like to do something a little bigger to help us compete at a higher level and to help us with our clients who are further North. Giving us an even bigger footing in the region.

“In 2018, we’re looking to increase our presence in the market and we want attract more big customers. I strongly feel that Total Recycling Services is the best in the market at what we do and will continue to make these investments to ensure we are giving that high level of service consistently. ”

Total Recycling Services works in partnership with a number of large manufacturing companies such as Nissan, Hitachi and AkzoNobel offering bespoke service packages.

The company is planning to reach a turnover of £25m by 2022 and last year reported a turnover of 14.5m.