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Anything Launch Swizzels Sweeter Vegan Campaign 2022

Swizzels easier than vegan baking!

Today creative digital agency, Anything announced they are the team behind the Swizzels’ 2022, A Sweeter Vegan campaign. A wide selection of Swizzels’ famous sweets can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans, welcome news to both vegans in need of a sweet treat and also those switching to a more plant based diet in 2022.

Anything was appointed as Swizzels creative digital agency over a year ago and have partnered with them on a number of digital campaigns, starting with the successful launch of the Swizzels Veganuary initiative in January 2021. Anything then created the imaginative and successful campaign for the launch of Swizzels’ Drumstick Chocolate. In summer 2021 Anything created assets for an online ‘Squashathon’ competition for the iconic Squashies brand, a daily summer event that rewarded consumers throughout July and August. This campaign led to a 235% increase in social engagement year on year. Most recently, Anything executed Swizzels’ Christmas 2021 digital campaign. The online engagement success of Swizzels’ campaigns over the past year has been outstanding as the company keeps its much loved brands front of mind.

For Swizzels’ 2022 vegan campaign, the team at Anything has created a witty digital and social media campaign that bounces off the screen. Avoiding any preaching on veganism the campaign educates consumers that Swizzels creates amazing and reasonably priced vegan treats. With straplines such as ‘Cheaper Than Energy Balls’ and ‘Chewier Than Chickpeas’, Anything is confident they will replicate their online engagement success for Swizzels.

Swizzels Marketing Manager Sarah-Louise Heslop said: “The team at Anything have produced some very bold, humorous and engaging campaigns for Swizzels. Our teams work well together to produce strong trade and consumer campaigns that have real impact and deliver results.”

Anything, Client Services Director, Leanda Falcon said: “When we started working with Swizzels we had no idea that many of their famous sweets are in fact vegan! What a win for everyone embracing veganism and still wanting to enjoy a treat. Swizzels is a heritage brand and we love working with them, they have loads of amazing ideas and it is great to communicate that across their digital and social platforms. In the past year we’ve worked hard to build an online community of Swizzels lovers that is growing and thriving. We have some vibrant assets to work with and we look forward to seeing another upturn in engagement in 2022.”