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Decipher Raises Comes of Age with £9k Charity Gift

In the week of their 21st birthday, Manchester and London-based construction consultants, Decipher Consulting handed over two cheques to charities, Mencap and the Scoliosis Association.

Totalling almost £9000, the money was raised following CEO, Paul Gibbon’s year as the Captain of the North-West Business Golf Society. The society brings together a range of businesses from construction, real estate, law and others to enjoy golf and raise money for good causes.

Following the relaxing of COVID restrictions, Paul managed to meet representatives of both charities. He handed them their cheques and spoke with them about the valuable work each does.

Paul said, “both these charities mean a lot to me as an individual and our business as a whole. My brother suffered from the challenges of mental health and Scoliosis throughout his life. As a result, they hold a particular meaning to me personally.’

‘As someone running a successful business for 21 years now, it’s important to me that we give something back to the society within which we work. Both these charities provide invaluable support to those who need it most. Lockdowns and the pandemic have had an incredible impact on charity work, so it’s a pleasure to be able to provide a small degree of support to them.’

‘I would like to thank the North West Business Golf Society, my playing partners and Inspiring Your Success for their support in helping me raise this fantastic amount”

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