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Employee benefits provider Aceso launches new North West office with senior hires

L-r: Aceso’s Gemma Field, Mike Picken, Emma Cain in Blackpool

Leeds-headquartered employee benefits provider Aceso Health and Group Risk has opened new North West offices in Blackpool, creating two new jobs, and with further hires planned for the coming months.

Gemma Field joins the firm as development director and Emma Cain has been appointed as business development manager. Joining Aceso from broking group UKGlobal Healthcare Solutions, where Gemma was instrumental in establishing a new division, they will both be based in the new office.

Part of the Attis Insurance Group, which now has six offices across the north of England and Midlands, Aceso has launched the new base as a specialist healthcare new business hub.

Executive director Mike Picken said: “We’ve set up this new North West office in direct response to the amount of new business the team are now dealing with on a daily basis and although there will be a small team based there initially, we expect this to grow as demand for health insurance continues to climb.”

He added: “As an independent broker that’s new to the market, our intention has always been to shake up the established, and now extremely consolidated, broker industry and challenge the way it operates. What differentiates us from the old guard is that we deliver real value to clients by giving them innovative solutions that actually fit their needs, rather than putting the insurer and the broker first – and that more dynamic approach has been massively welcomed by clients across the UK.”

He added: “The days of health insurance being a board-level perk are definitely in the past and we are seeing so many more businesses, of all sizes and across virtually every industry, looking to offer this as a benefit for the entire workforce.

“As well as being of huge value to employees, for employers it also means that health appointments can be scheduled at convenient times and, where appropriate, in easily accessible hospitals, enabling an employee to receive treatment and return to work much more rapidly.”

Aceso has grown from two employees in 2020 to a team of eight and expects to make at least two further hires by January 2023.