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HR2day cements place in North West HR provision

Nicky Jolley, owner of HR2day

HR2day is cementing its place as a go-to HR provider in the North West of England, with a new contract win, delivering day to day human resources services for Chorley-based ECO Surv.

The Darlington-based HR Provider, which has seen a 66% increase in turnover year on year in 2021, is supporting the company’s line managers and executive assistant Rebecca Smith with everything from new appointments and pay increases at the firm, to holiday requests, sickness absence and performance management.

ECO Surv is a software company for the energy efficiency, eco and renewable energy industries formed in 2013, specialising in sustainable building design and software solutions for the energy and utilities industry.

While founders Nathaniel Butters and Alessandro Zerillo have more than 20 years’ experience in the property, construction, design and sustainability sectors, they saw the clear benefit of having HR specialists on board to support them as their business continues to grow.

Rebecca Smith, an executive assistant at ECO Surv explained she had taken the lead with HR support to the company’s line managers after joining the firm – but this quickly became something that was taking up much of her time.

Now, with HR2day on board, HR administration is more manageable, freeing her up to focus on the other aspects of her role.

Rebecca says: “HR2day has been a big help in taking away the day to day HR tasks of the business and supporting us with our HR requirements.

“They are assisting me to provide that support our line managers need, ensuring that they in turn are giving our employees the support and documentation they require to meet their needs and the needs of the business.

“Having them come on board has resulted in a massive weight being lifted, as they are now our go-to HR expert.”

She adds: “You don’t realise how much time is taken up by the day to day HR tasks such as issuing contracts for new starters, sending offer letters, dealing with pay increases and promotions and everything else that goes with the management of staff, until you are actually doing it.”

Nicky Jolley, owner of HR2day, met ECO Surv’s Nathaniel Butters when both were on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses programme together.

After discussing the business’s growth plans and ongoing recruitment drive, the associated HR implications became apparent – and Nathaniel was keen to get Nicky on board to oversee ECO Surv’s compliance with HR legislation.

Nicky said: “We are delighted to be supporting ECO Surv with their HR needs at an exciting time for the business, as they continue to grow and take on more and more staff.

“This marks a significant milestone for HR2day, as we begin our expansion into the North West.

“Keeping on top of all the day-to-day HR duties and ensuring compliance with HR legislation is a mammoth task for growing businesses such as ECO Surv.

“That’s why it makes good business sense to employ HR specialists like HR2day to take the hassle out of everyday HR duties and free up staff time to focus on the strategic goals of the organisation.”

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